Structure of the cooperation agreement with QUANT AI:
1. Key terms of cooperation.
2. Conditions of the cashback system.
3. Terms of cooperation with QUANT AI.
4. Rights and obligations of the company.
5. Rights and obligations of participants.
6. Financial rules.
7. Obligations of the parties.
8. Final terms of cooperation.


1.1 Any person who has reached the age of majority can become a member of QUANT AI.
1.2 The platform management has the authority to refuse cooperation with any person without giving reasons.
1.3 Any operations and actions that the participant conducts in his personal account remain confidential.
1.4 It is strictly prohibited to use someone else's personal account without obtaining the consent of another platform member, hacking and any other methods of obtaining account credentials. For such actions, punishment is provided in the form of blocking the attacker's account. In case of systematic attacks on the accounts of platform participants, all available data about the violator will be transferred to the relevant supervisory authorities.
1.5 If in the process of making payments there are failures or delays due to the fault of payment systems, the platform is not responsible for possible losses and risks.
1.6 Data on any activity of platform participants in their personal accounts is strictly confidential and is not transferred to third parties.
1.7 The QUANT AI management guarantees continuous and constant access to the online resources of the platform and timely warning on official information platforms about upcoming technical work.
1.8 The management of QUANT AI assumes responsibility for protecting the rights and interests of its business partners and reserves the right to choose the means to implement this task.


2.1 To participate, you must register on the website and contribute to the development of artificial intelligence.
2.2 The QUANT AI Board has the right to revise the terms of the recommendation system. Changes will be published on the site in the news section.
2.3 Bonuses are credited automatically when the conditions are met and are instantly withdrawn from the participant's personal account.


3.1 Participants contribute to the development of the idea of artificial intelligence voluntarily and without expectation of profit or remuneration.
3.2 Accruals and transactions are carried out in the QUANT AI system currency, which can be converted into other cryptocurrencies.
3.3 All transactions are processed automatically.
3.4 The participant must provide the correct details to receive payments or bonuses. In case of an error, the transaction will be lost without the possibility of recovery.
3.5 Participants have the full right to make repeated contributions to the development of artificial intelligence QUANT AI an unlimited number of times.


4.1 QUANT AI guarantees the confidentiality and security of the participants' personal information throughout the entire period of work in the personal account.
4.2 If the participant transfers the login / password from his account to third parties, then QUANT AI does not guarantee the security of personal information.
4.3 QUANT AI is committed to providing high-quality services and comprehensive support to participants, but does not guarantee that the data center will not fail.
4.4 If a participant fails to comply with the established rules, QUANT AI may impose sanctions on the account, including temporary blocking or removal of the account.
4.5 QUANT AI has the right to change the rules of the platform, but must announce the list of changes at least 3 days before their activation.
4.6 QUANT AI ignores messages with obscene language and insults, the senders of such messages will be blocked without the possibility of account recovery.
4.7 Any manipulation of the participants for the purpose of personal gain will be punished by blocking the account without the possibility of recovery.
4.8 The platform is not responsible for the loss of data or access to a personal account due to force majeure circumstances.
4.9 If the participant does not accept the changes in the rules, QUANT AI reserves the right to terminate cooperation.
4.10 The official site QUANT AI is the only source of official information. All changes in the policies and rules of the company are published here.


5.1 QUANT AI participants can offer ideas for improving the operation of services through the technical support service.
5.2 Administration QUANT AI undertakes to fulfill all obligations, except for unforeseen circumstances caused by force majeure.
5.3 Participants of QUANT AI are obliged to comply with all the rules described in the agreement.
5.4 QUANT AI participants must read the terms of cooperation, and continued use of the services means acceptance of all clauses of the agreement.
5.5 Participants should follow the news at
5.6 In case of violations in the operation of services, participants must report to the QUANT AI technical support service.
5.7 Negative, offensive or false comments about QUANT AI are prohibited and offenders will be fined or banned.
5.8 The administration of QUANT AI prohibits members from creating multi-accounts, golden triangles and other marketing chains.
5.9 When changing the details in the account, the ability to withdraw and send gifts is frozen for 72 hours for security purposes.


6.1 Each QUANT AI participant has the right to make a contribution to the development of the idea of artificial intelligence from $50. Contribute only to the extent that you would be willing to spend on charity.
6.2 It is possible to make a deposit using the QUANT AI cryptocurrency.
6.3 All accruals are paid instantly and automatically.
6.4 Withdrawal of any bonuses is made automatically to the details of the participants within 1-10 minutes.
6.5 The QUANT AI system withholds a commission of 5% from all withdrawals made by platform participants.
6.6 The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USDT.


7.1 The platform is not responsible for errors caused by the incorrect indication of the participants of their details or personal information.
7.2 Both parties are released from liability for interruptions in the work of data centers and third-party payment systems.
7.3 The administration of QUANT AI is not responsible for losses and losses of participants associated with actions on the platform or when using the products of the platform. Participants are warned about the risks and understand that they may not receive the expected bonuses.
7.4 The management of QUANT AI undertakes to inform partners through the partner's registration e-mail.
7.5 The administration of QUANT AI does not interfere in interpersonal disputes and does not arbitrate in relations between several participants.
7.6 All participants are obliged to observe the rules of etiquette and culture of speech during communication. Obscene statements about the management or the company can lead to blocking and deletion of accounts.
7.7 The platform, web resource, company management or the company itself does not force participants to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence. All contributions are made on a voluntary basis. Information about the company and website is not a call to action.
7.8 The QUANT AI administration undertakes to familiarize each participant with the terms of cooperation, but does not provide guarantees of success. Competitors must study the rules on their own. It is recommended to refuse cooperation if any item causes disagreement.


8.1 The QUANT AI administration has the right to terminate the operation of all online resources of the platform in the event of force majeure circumstances, such as disasters, earthquakes, epidemics, wars and other events that threaten human life and health.
8.2 Changes and additions to the agreement retain its legal force if they comply with the established rules.
8.3 Registration on the site and the creation of a personal user account means acceptance of the company's policy, the Partnership Agreement and the acceptance of all risks provided for by the QUANT AI risk warning.